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A unique set of Christmas ornamental decorations inspired by Diwali traditions of India. A unique fusion of East with West

This work of art is inspired by the festival of lights in India known as Diwali which signifies the victory of goodness over evil and light over darkness. It is an ancient tradition to draw ornate geometric patterns with a chalk and fill it with vibrant dry colours. This is known as Rangoli and it is set at the entrance of the house.

There is a strong belief that Rangoli during the festival of Diwali brings prosperity and peace to one’s home.

7 Piece Multi Design Rangoli

This Rangoli is made from eco-friendly wooden multi density fibreboard. Each piece is separate and decorated with hand painted base and studded stones as well as series of beads.

Multiple different patterns can be formed using all different pieces and you can even take shot at adding some of your own creativity by bringing some other elements. The design can be stuck on wall using two sided tape (the tape is not included with this) or can be arranged on the floor or table.


There are 7 separate pieces. The combined weight of all the pieces is approximately 300 grams / 0.6 lb

The central piece is 6″ x 6″. The large leaf type 6 pieces are each 5.5″ x 4″

Shipping & Delivery

It is my responsibility to ensure that your order reaches your doorstep before time and in an impeccable condition. So I ensure strong protective packaging and ship it by trackable speedpost service. It will be delivered by USPS in the US or respective postal services in other countries. The package will be trackable through out its journey on USPS or relevant postal service websites.

It gets delivered in the US within two working weeks