Theodosius Cross Pendant Sterling Silver Gold Plating 24K Handmade (Fairmined Gold Version on request)



Cross Pendant during Theodosius I rule. We are at the end of the Roman Empire in 390 AD, when by now Byzantium was the capital of the Roman Empire. He forbade all heathen rites: a result of this was that, the pagan temples of Rome, those that had not been converted into Christian Churces, fell further and further into decay. Theodosius died in 395 AD, and there was nothing to prevent the permanent division of Rome into Eastern and Western Empire. Cross available with a sapphire, ruby, tourmaline. All of our jewelry are designed and inspired by history, excavation readings, but no copy of any archaeological discovery. The Cross is carried out using the lost wax technique, goldsmithing, refining and filing. 18Kt Gold Version available on request. Option for stone color. Width Inch 0,64 Height Inch 1,12 Weight Gr 4,3