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Our product is for a contemporary woman which dears to stand out from the crowd. Each of the bracelet have a metallic detail making it modern and lively as well as easy to combine to your chosen outfit. An Italian fashion expert once said: „Play with accessories. Most of the time they are the most important part of your outfit to which you have to pay more attention than to the clothes.“ Taking this into account, we thought that exactly the bracelet should draw the attention by its discreetness without looking too daring. The bracelet is minimalistic and not overloaded with details. On the other hand, it is definitely expressive as well as suitable for every day wear. We tried to create a piece without which a woman would not like to leave her home or having forgotten it, she would feel like something was missing. Bracelet in details: The bracelet is 100% real leather and handmade. All the metal details were produced in Italy. The hem finish gives the wristband a completed look. If you are looking for a gift for your friend, mother or your girlfriend this would be a wonderful surprise. Size is adjustable 16,5 cm. – 17,5 cm If this size isn’t good for you and you need a biger or smaller size, please contact us, we can do bracelet with right size for you.